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I have always enjoyed collecting as a hobby and discovered aerial propaganda leaflets about 25 years ago as an extension of postal history. In the 1970s I had put together a collection of examples of early Canadian postal history and was happily penning articles and giving talks about this interesting subject. When I found a few leaflets, some of which had been dropped in Canada during WWII and others that had dropped on Canadian troops in battle, I decided to find out more about them and found myself in a field that clearly had not been researched any way near as much as most branches of postal history. Having always enjoyed research, I enthusiastically focused my collecting interests on propaganda leaflets.

Over the last 25 years or so I have amassed a large collection of original leaflets and have enjoyed discovering the stories behind them. I have met and am indebted to the many veterans who produced or dropped leaflets or were the targets of leaflet campaigns and who have described their experiences to me.

In many ways I am not a typical collector in that I am not at all interested in acquiring all leaflets of a particular type and don't know how many leaflets I possess. I collect only those leaflets that intrigue me, and am always keen to know who produced a particular tract and why, concentrating particularly on the techniques and wiles used by the propagandists to try and achieve their desired result.

I am delighted to make the images shown by my leaflets available to military historians and others who wish to acknowledge the place of psychological warfare in the campaigns they are researching and writing about. In addition, where I have been lucky enough to accumulate duplicates, I am happy to sell these on, at fair prices to other enthusiasts.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images displayed on this website. Please <email> your comments to me.

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