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Many authors and publishers are unaware of the existence of the astonishing variety of images produced by warring nations or factions as part of psychological warfare programmes.

We hold a reference collection of thousands of original leaflets used in psychological warfare and many of these are illustrated.

Are you planning to publish a book or article, or are you making a television or educational video programme, concerning aspects of war?

Do you need striking fixed images to make your product more appealing, and capture and keep your readers' or viewers' attention?

We can help you to add "colour" and emphasis to your publication or production and reinforce its themes by making available eye-catching images taken from propaganda leaflets.

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Q. What does our image bank contain?
A. It includes pictures produced mainly on leaflets, but also on pamphlets, newspapers, booklets and postcards and other paper formats, that were used in psychological warfare. <Read more>

Q. What were the images designed to achieve?
A. They were intended to capture the attention of enemy soldiers or civilians, or friendly civilians, and influence their mood, thoughts, and actions. They were evocative depictions, carefully created to generate a desired response in the reader. <read more>.

Q. How can we help you?
A. By supplying images to enhance your product and add to its interest and visual appeal. <Read more>

Q. How do I request images?
A. <Read more>