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During virtually all wars and conflicts of the 20th Century the adversaries have fought not only with bullets and bombs but with leaflets, often referred to as propaganda leaflets.

Although psychological warfare has been a feature of almost all conflicts since the earliest times, the paper war, as an adjunct to the war of bombs, bullets and bayonets, is a relatively modern phenomenon. Due particularly to the advent of the aeroplane which presented an opportunity to spread subversive material deep into enemy territory, the war of words and images started in earnest in the Great War. It was developed and extended in the Second World War and was further refined in the Korean, Vietnam and Cold Wars and in more localised wars and conflicts all over the globe, including those recently in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Leaflets take various forms, eg single leaflets, pamphlets, newspapers, booklets, and postcards, and are usually disseminated by air. They can be delivered by being tossed out of aeroplanes, sometimes in specialised bombs designed to achieve an accurate and controlled spread, dropped by balloons, or ejected from artillery shells, leaflet grenades, or rockets. They have even been floated ashore in bottles, smuggled into enemy territory to be spread by hand by resistance members or hidden in loaves of bread or tinned food. The images they show include drawings, cartoons, photographs and photomontages.

Over 25 years we have brought together thousands of specimens of the military progagandists' art. Now these images are available to you to add "colour" and interest to your publications.