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The images in our <image collection> are a selection of those available in our archive of original documents. We have more. If what you see does not meet your requirements please describe what you are ideally looking for. We can select images from most of the 20th and 21st Century wars and conflicts. Let us know the type of illustrations you need, in particular what you would like them to portray, and we will search out suitable ones for you.

We also have thousands of textual leaflets which may meet your need. Words are persuasive weapons in the hands of the propagandist. We may have particular messages that reinforce the themes of your story or production. Tell us what you need, perhaps in relation to a specific theatre of war of even a particular battle, and we will search our archive for you.

Perhaps you are aware of the existence of a specific leaflet used in a particular theatre of war, eg mentioned in a book, but have not been able to obtain a copy for illustration. Please enquire, giving as much detail as possible, and we try to locate one for you.