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propaganda leaflets - words and images to influence in times of war and conflict


Leaflets are a means of communicating directly with with the enemy. They are usually disseminated by air using aeroplanes, balloons, leaflet bombs, shells or rockets. Their purpose is to influence the enemy's thinking and persuade him to take action, ultimately to give up fighting. They were extensively used in all wars of the 20th C and are still being used today, currently by the Americans in Iraq. If you want to know more go to <image bank>

Stalin propaganda leaflet


Please be aware that some images may be offensive and shocking on racial, religious or other grounds as they were designed to pander to and exploit the worst prejudices of men. In addition some show disturbing pictures of injury and death. We do not condone the sentiments they represent and are reluctant to show them (some of an extremely distressing nature are not shown) but do so because they are part of the historical record. It should not be forgotten that they were produced as official documents by governments, or armies on behalf of governments, as weapons of war.