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Click to enlargeCome back home alive Daddy!image ref:
The Germans used this picture on a number of different leafets in Italy and NW Europe and it is easy to see why. Any soldier father who had not seen his young daughter for a long time would be moved by the longing tearful look of this child? It would take his thoughts straight back to home and his attention away from the job in hand, fighting the enemy.
Click to enlargeMy daddy too was a soldierimage ref:
Shelled to GIs in NW Europe, this leaflet poses the question about the young boy, "would this medal replace his daddy and give him the love and care a growing youngster needs?""Isn't a medal too high a price for your life? ... Better come across (ie surrender) than get a cross".
Click to enlargeWhen ...?image ref:
The message on this German leaflet, shelled to Allied soldiers in late 1944 on the German border, is simple. It says, "When will your boy wake up and hear from his mother: 'Daddy will never come back ...'?
Click to enlarge... Daddy will never come back!image ref:
This German leaflet, shelled to Allied soldiers in NW Europe in 1944, bears only these words, "I heard Mummy say, Daddy will never come back!"
Click to enlargeDaddy! Come home quickly ...image ref:
The Japanese dropped this leaflet over Australian soldiers early in the Pacific war.
Click to enlargeFather will never come backimage ref:
Dropped by the Russians over German lines along the Eastern Front, this leaflet shows a small boy's reaction to the death of his father. The text reads, "Father will never come back: Hitler has taken him from us!" As is customary with most Russian leaflets, it is also a surrender pass.

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