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Click to enlargeYour women are at the mercy of your oppressorsimage ref:
Designed to stir up unrest amongst black soldiers fighting for the French, this early WWII German leaflet portrays their women-folk at home being ravished by the colonial occupiers - white French soldiers.
Click to enlargeGermay wants Vichy to stab their Free French compatriots in the backimage ref:
The British dropped this leaflet over France in 1940 to let the civilian population know what was happening in Dakar, a port in French West Africa. It shows French fighting French as the German backed Vichy French repulse the Free French who were attempting to liberate the port and its inhabitants.
Click to enlargeThe British are killing Arabsimage ref:
In order to turn Arab civilians against their British occupiers, the Germans produced and dropped postcards which show a hidiously smiling British Soldier with dead Arabs hanging from his bayonet.
Click to enlargeThe shame of Sienaimage ref:
In August 1944 the Germans distributed this leaflet in Italy in an attempt to make Italian civilians fearful of the Americans who, with their Allies, were liberating Italy. It depicts black GIs assaulting women and children.
Click to enlargeSpaniards go hungryimage ref:
In this Spanish Civil War Republican leaflet, spread over Nationalist troops, a fat German soldier and his fat Italian girlfriend are shown with stolen bags of food, oil and minerals while starving Spaniards look on. The Germans and Italians were the fighting Allies of Franco's army.
Click to enlargeAsk the Prophet to save you.image ref:
In 1943 the British dropped this leaflet over the Arab populations of North Africa to win their support. It describes how in Tripolitania back in 1931 the Arab freedom fighter Sheik Mohammed El Mokhtar was captured by the Italians and cruelly killed by being thrown from an aeroplane with the words "As you are the family of the Prophet .. ask the Prophet to save you". The leaflet says that the soul of this Prophet, in the form of the Allied armies, were able to drive the Italians and Germans from the Arab land with words "Begone from this land, O despised ones".

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