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Click to enlargeDeath awaits youimage ref:
This Korean War leaflet was targeted at North Korean troops. It shows the skull of a communist soldier in winter uniform suggesting what might happen to others if the peace talks do not bring an end to the war. The severe Korean winters claimed the lives of many Korean and UN soldiers.
Click to enlargeTo here, Wallenstein, and no further.image ref:
This WWI leaflet was dropped by the French on the German trenches. In a sketch by the French artist Jean-Louis Forain it depicts the carnage of war, in particular the slaughter of troops at Verdun, drawing parallels with the appalling German losses during the 30 Years' War.
Click to enlargeNemmersdorfimage ref:
Towards the end of WWII the Germans claimed that the Russians had over-run the East Prussian village of Nemmersdorf and massacred its inhabitants. This photograph of a murdered five year old girl was included in a leaflet dropped over American and British troops in Italy. Its aim was to drive a wedge between the Allies.
Click to enlargeThis is the fate of German soldiers at the Eastern Front.image ref:
This is a photomontage from the Russian illustrated propaganda news-sheet Front-Illustrierte. Hitler, the leaflet says, is sending troops to the Eastern Front to replace the soldiers who have already fallen. The fate of the soldiers who do not become prisoners of the Russians will be as depicted.
Click to enlargeWas this your son, husband, brother, comrade?image ref:
This is the skull of North Vietnamese Army soldier, one of more than 2,000 who died at Plei Me in November 1965. At this time Hanoi was denying that troops had been sent to fight in the South. Lying dead and unburied on the battlefield was particularly distressing to Vietnamese soldiers.
Click to enlargeStarved to deathimage ref:
The Japanese produced a great many leaflets in their attempts to persuade Indian soldiers and civilians to rise up against the British. This leaflet shows dead and dying Indians starved by the British, their bodies being picked at by the crows.

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