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Click to enlargeFor you?image ref:
The American OSS disseminated propaganda leaflets to the Germans in Italy. This one is a chilling view from inside a grave in a cemetary of dead German soldiers. The leaflet\'s reverse reproduces a letter from a soldier\'s girl friend with a contrasting picture of life at is best - also headed \"For you!\".
Click to enlargeHe never saw his boy ...image ref:
Click to enlarge He never saw his boy ... image ref: 00042 Any young soldier with a young family might be rendered homesick, and less effective as a fighter, by this German leaflet dropped in Italy on British troops.
Click to enlargeRich Man's War - Poor Man's Fightimage ref:
The reverse of this leaflet shows banknotes representing the rich man\'s war. This side by contrast shows a war cemetery representing the poor man\'s fight. It is subtly anti-semitic - can you see why?
Click to enlargeShe is searching for youimage ref:
In postcard format this leaflet was dropped by the Russians over German soldiers on the Eastern Front. The melancholy scene shows a German mother with a child searching a graveyard for her dead husband.
Click to enlargeIncreased living space for each Germanimage ref:
The caption on the reverse of this leaflet photograph, produced by the French for the Germans early in WWII, refers to Hitler\'s policy of providing increased living space for loyal Germans. But the result, it says, is a clod of earth - that found in a cemetery.
Click to enlargeHow much further?image ref:
This is a photomontage from the illustrated Russian propaganda news-sheet Front-Illustrierte dropped in 1943 over the German front lines in the East. It shows a German soldier trudging through streams of blood reminded of the numbers of German dead from battle after battle.

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