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Click to enlarge...but blondes don\'t like cripplesimage ref:
The Germans in WWII produced a number of different leaflets on this theme - suggesting that the wounded and crippled would have blighted prospects when returning home after the war. The leaflet\'s reverse shows the blonde being caressed by the handsome slicker who survived the battles unscathed, or perhaps never went to war at all.
Click to enlargeWounded soldier\'s future.image ref:
This UN Korean War leaflet was dropped over North Korean Army lines. In front of a dreamlike image of a soldier holding his son at arm\'s length is the suggested reality. The veteran stares wistfully at the stumps of his arms and thinks what might have been. Perhaps he would have survived the war unscathed if foreign communist leaders had not prolonged the conflict.
Click to enlargePicture from LIFEimage ref:
The Germans claimed in this leaflet that the picture appeared in LIFE magazine and was of an unfortunate WWII soldier who survived his horrific injuries due to the skill of the American medics. In fact the photograph was of a German WWI casualty taken shortly after WWI.
Click to enlargeCrippled for lifeimage ref:
Dropped over Finnish soldiers by the Russians early in WWII this leaflet suggests that severely disabled veterans might meet with revulsion when they return home.
Click to enlargeFooled into believing yourself a heroimage ref:
Dropped by the Japanese over American and Australian troops late in the Pacific War this leaflet juxtaposes a caricature of a crippled soldier and pictures of handsome and healthy men at home having a good time with attractive and carefree young women.
Click to enlargeHello suckerimage ref:
The message in this Communist leaflet, disseminated in Korea, was \"... don\'t end your life in an invalid chair. Save yourself and help to end this war\".

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