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Click to enlargeLet's go comradeimage ref:
This early WWII German leaflet shows the lazy British Tommy lounging with his pipe whilst urging his French soldier comrade to go over the top and attack the German lines.
Click to enlargeThe devil in a new disguiseimage ref:
Britain kept the French population aware of the latest war news in various ways. One was to drop a regular news-sheet "Le Courrier de l'Air" over the civilian population. Issue no. 19, disseminated by the RAF in August and September 1941, included this clever cartoon.
Click to enlargeRommel has flownimage ref:
Towards the end of the North African campaign the British turned the screw on German soldiers by telling them that Rommel had deserted them and was in Italy. Their only choices were to flee into the sea, but hopelessly because the German transport aircraft had been shot down and ships sunk, or to go into captivity with the Americans, British and French.
Click to enlargeAn amusing war - for the Americans.image ref:
The Germans tried in many ways to cause a rift between British and American soldiers. Some leaflets dropped on the British suggested that the Americans were shirking in the face of battle whilst others, such as this one, intimated that they had more dollars than sense and an absense of morals. A young English woman, the story goes, pretended to go along with an American officer's advances and offer of payment but asked him to remove his trousers first which she promptly ran off with leaving him "wandering the streets looking for cover".
Click to enlargeThe Volkssturm heavy tanks.image ref:
Towards the end of WWII the American OSS in Italy produced an amazing variety of anti-German \"black\" propaganda material that was intended to appear as if it had been produced by dissident German groups. This drawing was produced on a postcard and mocks the call-up in Germany of elderly people to join the Volkssturm and take up arms to defend the Reich. These stout formidable ladies on roller-skates are depicted as the heavy panzers of the new army!
Click to enlargeThe epidemic behind our linesimage ref:
In 1952, during the Korean War the communists accused the UN of dropping flies, fleas and spiders infected with diseases such as cholera and plague over North Korean civilians. The UN countered this with a leaflet stating that the communists were lying and that it was the Chinese communists who were spreading disease through their insanitary bevaviour and poisoning of the water supplies as the UN forces advanced. This image shows a Chinese soldier covered in spots and sores releasing rats to engulf the civilian population.

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