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Click to enlargeHitler is guarding Finlandís independence.image ref:
In 1941, the Russians were attacking Finland and dropped this leaflet over the Finnish troops. It depicts the Finnish civil leaders Mannerheim and Ryti as weak and cowering in Hitlerís boots, only able to defend their country with his help. Hitler is portrayed as a bloodthirsty hangman.
Click to enlargeGoering demands that the German people tighten their beltsimage ref:
This is a cartoon from the Russian propaganda illustrated news-sheet Front-Illustrierte dropped over the German front lines in the East. It shows Goering claiming to be tightening his belt whilst being increasingly bloated by the blood soaked profits from the war. In his last speech he had claimed to be sharing the sacrifices of the German people as food rations were reduced.
Click to enlargeThe silly manimage ref:
On this British leaflet, dropped on France in 1942, Mussolini is mocked for his audacity in laying claim to Corsica!
Click to enlargeWhere will Russia stopimage ref:
Before WWII Churchill was strongly anti-Bolshevism and wrote much on the subject. So it was easy to try to embarrass him by quoting from his statements once Britain and Russia became allies. This caricature of Churchill was included in a leaflet, code Delta/8 44, dropped by the Germans over British and American troops in Italy in 1944.
Click to enlargeWhile Aussies shed their precious blood .....image ref:
Dropped by the Japanese in the Pacific, this leaflet suggests that while British and Australian soldiers are fighting against the Japanese, the Americans are trying to annex Australia. The leaflet shows Roosevelt gleefully sneaking away with the continent.
Click to enlarge30 Pieces of silverimage ref:
When Germany invaded Norway in 1940 the politician Vidkun Quisling, who was pro-German and anti-semitic, cooperated with the Nazis and accepted the post of Minister President working directly with the Hitler appointed Reichskommissar of Norway. His name is now used generally to denote a traitor. This image is taken from a leaflet (coded 811-4) dropped by the RAF over Norway and shows Quisling on a facsimile postage stamp. The value is "30 pieces of silver" and the legend reads " Quisling has brought dishonour and disaster on himself".

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