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In 1918 this leaflet was ballooned over the German trenches. Full of symbolism, it contrasts the state of the German people in 1914 represented by a healthy Germania and a fat donkey being tempted by a carrot bearing the word "victory", with their condition in 1918 epitomised by a thin and haggard Germania and a starving donkey looking wistfully at a tiny carrot bearing the words "pretend victory". The occupants of the chariot are military leaders in 1914 and war profiteers in 1918. Only the ordinary people are suffering.
Click to enlargeAllied invasion startingimage ref:
Aimed at British troops fighting the Germans in Italy, this German leaflet tried to take the thoughts of Tommy back to Blighty where "Large parts of London and Southern England have already been devastated or set ablaze. The conflagration can be seen for more than 150 miles ... nothing can be done about that monstrous new weapon ... V NUMBER 1!" The leaflet was dropped in June 1944 just after the start of the V1 rocket campaign. On the collar of the hand showing two fingers can be seen the word CHURCHILL!
Click to enlargeAnti-aircraft Defence Departmentimage ref:
This British black leaflet, refered to as the "Corpse leaflet", was sent to the resistance in German occupied European countries for dissemination to German soldiers there. Black propaganda purports to derive from a source that is, in fact, false and this leaflet appears to be an official notice from the police department in Bremen (note the blue handstamp bottom right). It shows the faces of dead women and children who were bombing victims and asks for help with identification. Any soldier from Bremen seeing this would perhaps worry about his own loved ones there. The red handstamped "Schluss!" (meaning - "Put an end to this!") offers the soldier reader a clue to the leaflet's true source.
Click to enlargeBomb burstimage ref:
This unusual picture captures the instant an ordinary aerial bomb bursts. What would the blast be like, says this German leaflet to Allied soldiers, when bombs three times the size of the V1 rocket bombs explode? And from November 2nd 1944, the "2nd Retaliation Weapon "V2" is being directed against England". The leaflet goes on to say "The boys who have parents and loved ones in large or industrial cities won't have to worry .... This is just another bluff of Jerry's ... In the event your letters in the near future are late in arriving or do not come at all - don't fret for it will only be due to purely 'technical difficulties'".
Click to enlargeWhere will they find food and warmth?image ref:
North Korean soldiers and civilians were the target of this 1951 UN leaflet. It says "Now that winter is here what will happen to this homeless woman and her children? Where will they find food and warmth? Because Communist officials continue to stall at the peace talks they force thousands of innocent Korean women and children to face death this winter. Your wife, mother or children may be among them".
Click to enlargePolish Soldiersimage ref:
Dropped by the Germans in 1944 over Polish soldiers fighting for the Allies in Italy, it shows Polish women and children back in Poland being abused by Russian soldiers.

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