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Click to enlargeIt is good that I have a large tax demandimage ref:
In 1916 the French dropped a series of newssheets entitled "War Leaflet for the German People" over German trenches. They can be described as black because they read as if they come from the Germans thenselves. No. 14 includes this cartoon in the style of the satirical Simplicissimus magazine. The wounded and disabled soldier, has had everything taken from him, leaving him with nothing, not even clothes. He is saying "It is good that the tax demand is so big, for I can at least use it to cover my nakedness!"
Click to enlargeThe war wounded are not wantedimage ref:
Ballooned to the German trenches in 1918, this British leaflet shows a veteran soldier back in Germany. Having lost an arm in the fighting he has been discharged. He is now facing rejection due to his disability as he seeks employment.
Click to enlargeEngland's democracyimage ref:
This German leaflet was dropped on British soldiers in Italy 1944. It suggests that Tommy can only look forward to resuming civilian life in slum conditions such as those pictured in Wandsworth, London. The reverse claims to show newly constructed workers apartments in Vienna, a product of "Germany's Socialism".
Click to enlargeCan't you read the sign, buddy?image ref:
Dropped by the Germans on American soldiers in Italy 1944, this leaflet predicts that there will be no jobs for GIs in America after the war's end. On the reverse it quotes the American author Cherne who forecasts "a dreadful economic depression ... with about 19 million unemployed ... small businesses will be ruined" and there will be "dangerous conflicts between war veterans and the men who took their jobs".
Click to enlargeWhen will the war be over?image ref:
This leaflet was shelled over American lines on the borders of Germany in late 1944 / early 1945. It suggests that when the guns are silent once more in Europe, that will not be the end of combat for GIs. They will be able to use their "battle experience in the murderous climate of the tropical jungles" in the continuing war against the Japanese. And then ... World War III as the west battles with communism.

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