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This German leaflet, dropped on Allied lines in Italy, tells the story of Bill who, back in America, had the right connections and thus managed to avoid getting into uniform. He stole the fiance of Frank who "had been sent to Europe to fight for the cause of big business, war profiteers and Wall street sharks". Vivian "was lonely and often had the blues" and was glad to go into the country with Bill for a picnic. ""It was a memorable day for Bil ..."
Click to enlargeRich man's war - poor man's fightimage ref:
This German leaflet, disseminated over American soldiers in Italy, depicts two vehicles. The saloon car is symbolic of "the world of success, ease and security" (note the Jewish insignia on the car door - German propagandists never missed an opportunity to display their virulent anti-semitism) whilst the military vehicle denotes, "suffering, discomfort, agony and death". The leaflet's message to its soldier readers is, are you "ready to lay down your life for such a mob of undeserving profiteers, politicians and despoilers" back home?
Click to enlargeRoosevelt the false prophetimage ref:
This German leaflet, dropped over American troops in Italy, throws back at Roosevelt his promise that "no American boys will be sacrificed on foreign battlefields". It shows him handing weapons to the hard pressed soldiers at the front whilst handing out huge bags of dollars to his rich business friends at home, "the Baruchs, Lehmans, Morgenthaus, Warburgs, Ginsbergs and the like".
Click to enlargeCalling up Sam Levyimage ref:
This leaflet was shelled over Allied troops in NW Europe on the borders of Germany in January 1945. "You have a date with death", it says, whilst "your girl has a date with Sam Levy ... the war profiteer". "Don't think the worse of your girl if she likes to have a good time every now and then ... at least "in return you are seeing something of the world and taking part in this jolly old war".
Click to enlargeBehind your backimage ref:
This leaflet was dropped circa 1944 by the Japanese over American and Australian soldiers in the Pacific. It decribes "that slacker ... the villain ... rich and handsome well-groomed and full of influence .. he might be having your girl right now".
Click to enlargeMr Moneybags is in Florida ...image ref:
During the Korean War the Communists produced leaflets for dissemination to the UN troops. The activities of war profiteers back home was a common theme and this leaflet contrasts their high life in sunny and warm Florida ("Mr Moneybags is in Florida this Christmas") with the miserable existence of the soldiers in the drab and freezing Korean winter ("Where are you? In Korea! You risk your life, Big Business rakes in the dough").

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