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Click to enlargeHer last sonimage ref:
In this British WWI leaflet, dropped in 1918 over the German trenches on the Western Front, a mother is saying a tearful goodbye to her last remaining son who has been called up to fight. The war has already taken her husband and three older sons.
Click to enlargeMillions of German mothers cry ...image ref:
This is a photomontage from the Russian propaganda illustrated news-sheet Front-Illustrierte dropped in 1943 over the German front lines in the East. It shows a distraught German mother representative of the millions of mothers mourning the loss of their sons as Hitler throws them into the hell of battle.
Click to enlargeMom, what's Pop doing in Italy?image ref:
This 1944 German leaflet, targeted at GIs in Italy, shows a distressed mother, handkerchief wiping away a tear, putting on a brave face for her children. The leaflet says that "she only knows that her husband writes of his homesickness, of his yearning for her, for his children, for his work". The question the GI asks himself is "Wjhat am I fighting for in Italy thousands of miles away from home? What's Europe to me anyhow?"
Click to enlargeYesterday's happinessimage ref:
Aimed at American soldiers in Italy in 1945, this leaflet shows a lonely war wife "... back home ... waiting, praying crying" for her husband at the front. But there is a sting in the tale. The leaflet goes on to say "... or has she already given up waiting for you? Could it be the hand of somebody else reaching for the alarm clock from your bed?".
Click to enlargeThe homeland needs you!image ref:
Dropped by the Allies over German soldiers in Italy this leaflet depicts a glum wife and daughter back in Germany. The reverse say simply "Why die for a lost cause?
Click to enlargeThink of your familyimage ref:
This UN leaflet, dropped over North Korean soldiers in Korea in 1951, shows a family scene with grandmother, daughter, mother and baby. The daughter is asking "Where's daddy?". They are looking distressed because daddy is away fighting with the communists. All they have of him is his picture on the wall.

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