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This is the first leaflet dropped by Britain on Italy in WWII. It translates as, "Italians! To gain the liberty and independence of Italy your forefathers took up arms against tyranny and fought in Piedemonte and Lombardia against Germany. Today although Italy is no longer a free and independent nation, in this war you did not want Italy is under Hitler's yoke. Why are you at war? Perhaps for a greater Italy? Nothing of the kind. You are at war to strengthen Hitler so he can impoverish you through his war." Guaranteed genuine.
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Coded EH 527, this leaflet was dropped by the RAF over Germany in December 1941. In the shape of an oak leaf it is poetic in its language and reads, "The leaves are falling. The promised final victory does not come. In Russia the fallen leaves cover the fallen soldiers. And snow covers the leaves that cover the fallen soldiers". It is obviously a reference to the terrible conditions faced by German soldiers on the Eastern Front as they become bogged down by the Russian winter conditions, and the promised quick victory becomes an illusion. The leaflet mockingly uses similar words to another "leaf leaflet" disseminated to the French by the Germans early in WWII.
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Coded Y/4, this leaflet was dropped by the RAF on Yugoslavia. It consists of 4 illustrated pages and appears to show the partisans killing Germans and German defeats in other theatres. Can anyone help with the title's translation?
Click to enlargeLe Courier de l'Air No. 10 1942image ref:
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Courrier de l'Air was produced by the British and dropped regularly by the RAF over occupied France and occasionally French territory in North Africa from December 1940 to August 1944. Its purpose was to maintain the morale of the French population by reporting the war's progress in the most optimistic light possible. This edition consists of 4 illustrated pages covering news from nearly all theatres of the war. It focuses particularly on the bombing by Britain of the Renault factories near Paris and the rationale for this.
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This British leaflet was dropped over Italy for just two nights in September 1941. It is trying to bring pressure to bear on Italy to break with Germany.
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In 1942 this leaflet was dropped by the RAF over Holland on just two nights in March. It announces the uplifting news that the Americans have arrived in Europe. The hope is that that the Yanks will help to bring about the defeat of Germany, just as they did when they came to Europe in 1918.

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